CrossFit Football / Explosive Sports Performance

 “Forging the Power Athlete”

At CrossFit Lehigh Valley, we are the first and only CrossFit affiliate in the area to offer the comprehensive, sports-specific strength and conditioning program designed for athletes in contact sports and proven to enhance performance through increasing speed, strength and capacity – CrossFit Football / Explosive Sports Performance (“CFF/ESP”). Our program is designed to work for all field sport athletes regardless of age or experience – the loads, distances, times, intensity, and programming can be scaled appropriately to match each athlete’s specific training and development level. Whatever your sport, this program will make you a faster, stronger and more powerful athlete!  If you’re seeking to outperform the competition, you need our proven CFF/ESP program.

Our CFF/ESP program is led by Coach Terry Hammons, CrossFit Football Certified Trainer.  Terry is an accomplished athlete in his own right – a Pennsylvania high school All-State defensive back and standout Division-I college wide receiver – he knows what it takes to get the absolute most out of one’s abilities and perform at an elite level.  His achievements, experience and knowledge have earned him the respect and endorsement of some of the most highly-regarded and successful coaching professionals:

“I’ve known Terry for a long time.  Through the years, I’ve seen him consistently apply his incomparable brand of toughness, intelligence and dedication to everything he does.  And CrossFit Football is no different…  It’s always a pleasure to have him at our facilities and interacting with the players – they stand to gain so much on a number of levels.  And it means a great deal to me personally to have him as a trusted counselor… In the business of winning and [sports performance], I don’t know anyone better.”

- Mike Tomlin, Head Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

We use multi-plane compound movements to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during sport. Football, like most field sports, is a game of seconds and inches. CFF/ESP knows the demands placed on players during the game and the distances they will have to travel. With this in mind, we can replicate the stresses and situations a player will face on the field. By combining high intensity movements with a comprehensive strength and speed program, the result is a training program that is unparalleled in the industy.

How do we know CFF/ESP’s programming works? Because it has been designed by NFL players and some of the top coaches in the world. Not only have top athletes created it, but also it has been used to compete at the highest levels of professional sports. The utility of this program is not theoretical; this program was not merely designed by someone that thinks it might work, but by athletes and coaches that have dominated at the highest levels of competitive athletics.

Every athlete needs to be strong in mind, heart and body. He needs to be fast and explosive. He needs to be able to perform when tired and exhausted. This applies to NFL players, Olympic athletes the same as it applies to Pop Warner and 40-year-old athlete competing in the garage.

CrossFit Football/Explosive Sports Performance meets these needs, for all athletes and competitors.