Kids Fitness

At CrossFit Lehigh Valley, we also have a Kids Fitness Program! The goal of the Kids Fitness Program is to instill in children and teenagers a love of exercise while building a foundation for their future athletic enterprises by teaching safe and effective CrossFit techniques. 

In the CFLV Kids Fitness Program, children (ages 7-12) and teens (13-17) participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well- rounded athletes. 

Our Kids Fitness Program workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive and general and scale-able for any participant at any level. It combines gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and “light” weightlifting elements to develop capacity across various physical skills, with additional focus on elements that encourage bone density and balance, and coordination development. We believe that children and teens have a great opportunity to maximize their physical skills when exposed to this stimulus during years of peak development, and the elements are combined to keep children engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation. For our Kids Fitness Program, it is imperative to pair fitness and fun, thus creating a lifelong love of health and fitness.

Here at CFLV, we teach the kids all the fundamental movements with form of the greatest importance. The Kids Fitness Program is led by our very own, Tracy O’Connell. Tracy brings an ideal background and a skill set that is uniquely suited for our Kids Fitness Program. Tracy is not only a CrossFit Level-1 certified trainer, but has been an elementary school teacher for over twenty years. And before beginning her teaching career, she was a five-time All-American and two-time National Champion, Division-I gymnast at the University of Utah. Most importantly, she is a dedicated coach with a genuine love for kids and fitness.

Classes include:

  • Class outline
  • Warm up
  • Skill work
  • Workout/Game
  • Stretching/Mobility