Krystol participated in multiple sports from age 8 until college where she focused on volleyball playing for Moravian College. After graduating from Moravian she focused on running and light lifting to keep in shape and relieve stress. Eventually she began to fall into injury and Krystol knew she needed a change. With encouragement from a friend she tried Crossfit at CFLV and was instantly hooked. The lifting, high intensity, constant varied movements, encouraging words and positive environment at CFLV revived her love of athletics.
 “I have never participated in a sport where every level of athletic ability is welcomed and encouraged, where every person is cheering you on and ego’s are asked to be checked at the door. I wanted to not only be a part of that environment at CFLV, I wanted to coach and help people reach their personal goals.”
When Krystol is not at CFLV she can be found with her puppy’s or serving up burgers at the Bee’s.