Coach Markus

Owner & Founder / Head Coach / Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Markus was co-owner of Phoenix Fitness & Studio 16 in Allentown, a flexibility and stretching center before deciding to go on his own and start a strength & conditioning business. In 2004, he founded Maximum Human Development. Over time his passion for cutting edge training led him to 'CrossFit'. Understanding the value of this style of training, he decided to open his own CrossFit affiliate combining his previous training methods with CrossFit training. In July of 2008, Markus opened CrossFit Lehigh Valley. CFLV started as a unique strength, conditioning, fitness and flexibility training center in Bethlehem. It has now evolved into a 10,000 sf facility in Allentown. His clients range from professional and amateur athletes, to executives, fitness buffs and those just looking get in shape, or stay in shape. Currently, Markus is the strength, conditioning and flexibility coach for several Lehigh University athletic teams, local club teams and high school athletes. For most of his life, Markus has also been a competitive athlete; most recently with a successful power lifting career, winning a national championship. He continues to pursue new and innovative knowledge in the field of strength, conditioning. flexibility and fitness in order to help people of all ages develop to their true potential.


  1. National strength and conditioning association - cpt

  2. National federation of personal trainers - pft

  3. CrossFit Level 1

  4. CrossFit Olympic lifting

  5. CrossFit running & endurance

  6. CrossFit concept 2 rowing instructor

  7. Balazs boxing basics

  8. Meridian flexibility system instructor

  9. USA weightlifting sports performance coach

  10. RKC Kettlebell instructor

  11. SFG Kettlebell instructor